On Restarting

Nov 17, 2022

For a long time I thought of a personal website as a chore. I'm not a much of a UI guy. I don't think I make compelling website designs. I don't know how to pick colors. I have a vague idea about fonts. I know which ones I like and they are mostly monospaced fonts. That's pretty much as far as far as I go.

But the reason I started making a website again was because I'm feeling it lately. There's this curiosity and desire to create that's coming back and needs to be satisfied. Guess I was blocked or tired or both. I'm just glad it's over now because I need it. And, finally, I'm treating this website as a digital garden, which means I can work on it whenever I'm feeling in the mood.

I want to write about my ongoing projects, but I want to finish at least one of them first.